Miles-KM, F°-C° change

Reprogramming from USA to EURO standarts:

from Miles → to Kilometers (Miles-Km)

from Fahrenheit → to Celsius (F°-C°)









Lexus miles-km, Toyota miles-km, Audi miles-km, VW miles-km, Volkswagen miles-km, Skoda miles-km, Seat miles-km, Honda miles-km, Acura miles-km, Nissan miles-km, Infinity miles-km, BMW miles-km, MB miles-km, Mercedes Benz miles-km, Opel miles-km, Chrysler miles-km, Dodge miles-km, Chevrolet miles-km, Cadillac miles-km, Hummer miles-km, GM miles-km, Mitsubishi miles-km, Hyundai miles-km, Peugeot miles-km, Renault miles-km, Citroen miles-km, Ford miles-km, Mazda miles-km, Volvo miles-km, Alfa Romeo miles-km, Daewoo miles-km, Fiat miles-km, Kia miles-km, Rover miles-km, Suzuki miles-km, Subaru miles-km, Porsche miles-km, Lexus F°-C°, Toyota F°-C°, Audi F°-C°, VW F°-C°, Volkswagen F°-C°, Skoda F°-C°, Seat F°-C°, Honda F°-C°, Acura F°-C°, Nissan F°-C°, Infinity F°-C°, BMW F°-C°, MB F°-C°, Mercedes Benz F°-C°, Opel F°-C°, Chrysler F°-C°, Dodge F°-C°, Chevrolet F°-C°, Cadillac F°-C°, Hummer F°-C°, GM F°-C°, Mitsubishi F°-C°, Hyundai F°-C°, Peugeot F°-C°, Renault F°-C°, Citroen F°-C°, Ford F°-C°, Mazda F°-C°, Volvo F°-C°, Alfa Romeo F°-C°, Daewoo F°-C°, Fiat F°-C°, Kia F°-C°, Rover F°-C°, Suzuki F°-C°, Subaru F°-C°, Porsche F°-C°.

Miles-KM, F-C change Miles-KM, F°-C° change Miles to KM, Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.
Airbag repair SRS Airbag diagnostic Airbag maintenance, Programming, Airbag symbol off.
Radio unlock Radio unlock Radio unlocking, decoding, code detection.
Navigation Navigation USA-Europe Radio frequency change US-EU.