Diagnostic + clear codes - 15 €
From Miles to KM, from F° to C° change from: 15 €
Radio unlock, decoding from: 7 €
Airbag, SRS elektronic maintenance, programming from: 10 €
Air conditioning electronics repair from: 10 €
Chiptuning from: 130 €
DPF filter deactivation from: 110 €
Opel diesel fuel injection pump control module repair from: 85 €
Lexus IS, GS, RX power steering column repair: 260 €

For other work, call 8 682 33002.

Miles-KM, F-C change Miles-KM, F°-C° change Miles to KM, Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.
Airbag repair SRS Airbag diagnostic Airbag maintenance, Programming, Airbag symbol off.
Radio unlock Radio unlock Radio unlocking, decoding, code detection.
Navigation Navigation USA-Europe Radio frequency change US-EU.